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Cashout points in InvestShares.
Published on 16-10-2021

New Rule

The Investshares team, after paying for several months without any failure to all investor and non-investors users, we believe it is time to introduce some rules that will contribute to a better stability of the site.

We have implemented Cashout points in InvestShares.
Cashout points are enabled only for non-investing members.
The minimum number of Cashout points to be able to request a Cashout is only 300 points.

How do I earn these points easily?

- 1 point for each Ptc ad on Offers4all
- 1 point for each Ptc ad on SkippyAds(coming soon)


- 15 Points for every survey or works on any offerswall we have incorporated on Investshares.

CPX Research

We don't request any additional effort,just click on some of the offerswall ads.
Many non-investor users are doing it and reach the minimum cashout much earlier.

Thanks to all of you



As you ask questions I will be adding answers for everyone to see.

Note: The minimum withdrawal is still 2$ and we do not change it.


First Best Promo
Published on 08-10-2021

Dear Members,

As a token of gratitude for your support, we are launching this Promo for all users who want to increase their earnings.

Details of Promo:

Deposit: $2 - $20 and get Free Bonus 10% in PB

Deposit: $21 - $50  and get Free Bonus 15% in PB

Deposit: $51 - $100 and get Free Bonus 20% in PB

Deposit:  Over 101$ and get Free Bonus 25% in PB)

The Promo validation is until 13 of October, 2021. 


Best Regards,


Please stop cheating
Published on 19-09-2021

Please stop cheating
You will save yourselves unnecessary work that will not bring you any benefit.
All these users who demand payment and who have used DR bots to make the min or multi-accounts will have their payment refunded and their account suspended.
We thoroughly analyze all payment requests and compare the IPs, one by one, of the user and their DRs.
In addition, once hunted, they publish in certain pages that we are scam.
This way they do double damage:
1. They try to cheat the PTC to take 2 miserly dollars.
2. They jeopardize the investment of many honest users who have invested in the hope of making a profit.

Thanks to all.


Hello Everybody
Published on 03-07-2021

Hello everybody
Today we launch with a lot of enthusiasm and responsibility.
Our project is a bit different from the PTC Project.
We want to give the possibility to our users to earn money through our Revshares without having to worry about RR, memberships, etc...
I would like to clarify the following:

Investshares is an investment site based on these points :

1.No need to click on any advertisement.
2.There will be no ads to click on.(Later in a few days blocks of ads will be placed for free and you will be able to advertise your site for free).
3.There will be no RR system.
4. There will be DR system.
5. The users that promote the site will be offered 5% commission (according to investment) for each new user that signs up under your link.
For example
Any new user that signs up under their link and invests 20$ in shares.
20x0,05=1$ will be paid directly to your account.(Payeer,PM, etc)
If anyone needs more information please send me a ticket.




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