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Started by admin1 2022-10-03 at 13:14
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As of today, the team has made 2 changes that we believe users will be pleased with.

a. Any user can buy shares in any amount.
b. The investment and profits can be withdrawn without restrictions and according to the conditions of each membership.

2. RR
We have eliminated the option to obtain RR in all memberships.

The experience of more than 14 months of Investshares operation showed us that using profits from RR to purchase shares is economically unsustainable.
We were forced to continuously take measures to correct this imbalance.
Measures that were necessary but not liked by the users.
By eliminating the RR option we eliminated the problem and Investshares immediately became an investment PTC as its name suggests and as it was planned from the beginning by the whole team.
PLAN 1 (min.5$-max.10$)
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Work Cash-min:0.25 - max.NO LIMIT
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Hi InvestShares Admin
You said any user can buy shares in any amount but for me the minimum to buy is 10$
- can i know why?
and also can i know what are the requiremnets for make a withdraw
PLAN 1 (min.5$-max.10$)
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Once you have complied with the rules you have received your payment.
You say that I have not replied to your ticket.
I would never let a ticket go unanswered, especially not to you.
If so, I apologize.

Best regards

Note: Please put each question in its corresponding section.

For red619
Any amount refers to the number of shares, not the cost of each share.
There is no limit to the withdrawal of profits

Best regards
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