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Started by admin1 2022-03-23 at 10:28
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We have implemented Cashout points in
Cashout points are enabled ONLY for users who never invested before.
Users who have invested even 1$ DO NOT have to make the 300 csahoutpoints.
The minimum number of Cashout points to be able to request a Cashout is only 300 points.

How do I earn these points easily?

- 1 point for each Ptc ad on offers wall
- 1 point for esch PTC ad on offers wall Skippyads.

No need to add any display
The cashpoints or points (as usual) are the points that we accumulate by clicking on the ads.
Now these points are obtained by clicking on the offers4all ads and Skippyads.
Do a test and you will see how a point will be added in Points after clicking on an offers4all ad and skippyads.
They can also be converted into money when they reach 10,000 as usual.
Basically it's the same as before.
Every time you receive a payment the points counter will be reset to zero and the accumulated points will be converted into money in PB.
If someone needs more explanation ask for it.

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